TallyGenicom Compatible Printer Ribbons

TallyGenicom has ended life on these original printer ribbons. However we at USA Imaging Supplies have High Performance USA Made Compatible ribbons available.
Ribbons usually ship same day. Call us today for more information 619-684-5241

TallyGenicom T6215 Compatible Printer Ribbon 082725

Part Number  Product Description
082285  Tally 6180 113M Cartridge Ribbon
081905  Tally 6180 45M Cartridge Ribbon
080294  TallyGenicom MT6XX/T60XX 23M Cartridge Ribbon
080296  TallyGenicom MT6XX/T60XX 45M Cartridge Ribbon
4A0040B02  Genicom 5X50/48X0 45M Cartridge Ribbon
4A0040B05  Genicom 5X50/48X0 68M Cartridge Ribbon
4A0040B13  Genicom 4800/5050/5100 23M Cartridge Ribbon
44A509160‐G03  Genicom 4490 45M Cartridge Ribbon
44A507014‐G08B  Genicom 4000 45M Cartridge Ribbon
3A0100B02  Genicom 38X0/39X0 15M Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon
3A1600B21  Genicom 3800 15M Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon
3A1600B22  Genicom 3800 Long Life Cartridge Ribbon
083844  Cartridge Ribbon, 50M, ADP





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