Canon Ink cartridges, Canon Inkjets San Diego

We have added nearly 300 Canon Compatible Inkjet cartridges to compliment our Canon OEM Sales and supplies. We make Quality control and pricing our 1, 2 punch equation to deliver top notch products to your door.

To ensure the highest quality for your Canon printers, use USA Imaging Supplies Compatible Inkjet cartridges or our Canon Remanufactured Ink cartridges. USA Imaging Supplies features replacement Canon inkjet cartridges for most Canon printers.


  • Most popular in Canon CAD market
  • Everbrite Pigment ink perfect to match
  • 05mm lines for CAD: thick black, clear, exquisite

Free Shipping

We have 15 main shipping locations across the country to serve you as efficiently as possible. We will ship from a location that can get the product to your door as efficiently as possible. Since we ship from several different locations most orders placed by 4:00PM PST ship the same day. We use Fedex, Ontrac, UPS and USPS



We guarantee that the products will not damage the print-head or printing mechanism when stored, installed and used in accordance with Manufacturer’s recommended procedures. All products are guaranteed to meet the minimum performance requirements as set forth by the original equipment manufacturer.

Heres how to contact us:

USA Imaging Supplies




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