How do you find the ultimate Xerox Color

How do you find the ultimate Xerox Color Toner

To get best productivity and output from your Xerox printer, it is essential to select the best Toner Xerox. Irrespective of whether your Xerox machine is a production line printer or continuous line printer or a wide format printer or just a simple office printer, the correct toner makes your output the winner.

What exactly is a Toner?
Printer Toner is a powdered pigment (and not ink) packed in plastic cartridges. It comes in black, magenta, yellow, and cyan blue. Some laser printers are simple black and white printers, while nowadays color laser printers produce full color and black-and-white outputs. The color printers combine basic tones to a range of hues to meet your expectations. To get ultimate quality output, you have to select the right printer toner.

How does a Toner work?
Toner powder for printer contains pigment and plastic. As the toner goes through the heated component of the printer called a fuser, the plastic liquefies, delivering the pigment. The cooling pigment sticks to the paper to produce a smudge-proof, sharp image.

The printer receives and saves the image of a page. The printer’s photosensitive drum obtains a negative charge, and then lasers scan it and transmit the image. These scanned areas draw toner particles. The drum contacts the paper, and a positive charge transfers the toner to the paper surface. Heat and pressure complete the printing process.

How to select the right toner
Output Quality:
The best quality materials mixed in proper combination is the key. Only then will the output come dark and legible. This is main problem why one must not buy refilled cartridges from fly-by-night operators. USA Imaging Supplies is one of the best places for buying Xerox toner. The toner quality exceeds even OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) quality toners. It will be a wise choice to get your correct toner from reliable, reputed, and recognized supplier such as USA Imaging Supplies. USA Imaging produces excellent Xerox black toner and Xerox color toner to give you really amazing prints.

Life: The toner cartridge has to run long else you might end up spending really lot of extra money. Productivity is hampered in the process.

Type: For monochromatic printing, you may use a Xerox Black Toner, while for color printing you may use the Xerox Color Toner.

Price: Alongwith good acceptable output, you need the toners at a reasonable price.

Color Printing: Color is now used universally everywhere, nowadays even simple letters have elements of color and design. The color appears differently on the computer monitor and in the printer output. Xerox color toner mainly the Xerox magenta toner, Xerox yellow toner, and the Xerox cyan toner combine and produce the perfect print. For example, yellow and magenta combine to produce red. Magenta and Cyan combine to produce blue. To produce less saturated colors the printer “mixes” white by leaving some dots unprinted. A black toner cartridge produces very dense black for images with a large amount of black text or black backgrounds. These four colors—cyan, magenta, yellow, and black—represent the color system known as CMYK.

Delivery: USA Imaging Supplies has 15 main shipping locations across the country to serve our customers as efficiently as possible. We will do our best to ship from a location that can get the product to your door as efficiently and cost effective as possible. Since we ship from several different locations most orders placed by 5:00PM PST ship the same day. We use Fedex, Ontrac, UPS and USPS

Huge Product Selection:
We stock more than 2,000 different Xerox supplies and we’re constantly adding new products. Shop with us, and rest assured that our prices are discounted from suggested prices, and most items are always in stock.


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